Dating shouldn't be hard



Found someone that catches your eye? Get to know them just enough to build excitement for the date


Definite plans

Use our date planner to agree on a date, time, and place to meet. And what kind of activity you will be doing


After the date

Give your feedback. If you both said yes, plan the next date. No more guesswork!

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What makes us different

Definite Dating

Making definite plans leads to more kept dates and less wasted time. When two people make definite plans it shows they respect and value each other's time and are enthusiastic about seeing each other.

No guesswork

Does she want another date? Does he want to see me again? These kind of questions cause unnecessary confusion. After the date, both of you will be asked to give your feedback on a 2nd date. No more guesswork!


You can only get to know and build attraction with someone in-person, not by constant messaging, texting, and phone calling back and forth. You can't talk someone into liking you, but you can definitely talk them out of it!

Safety features

No one wants to be stood up. We provide a simple way for our members to flag people that don't show up after you've made definite plans to meet and you will be able to see how many no-shows everyone has! You can also hide yourself from age ranges that you don't wish to hear from.